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Wednesday , 20 February 2013


The Barcelos Information Centre Europe Direct (hereunder referred to CIED Barcelos) established as follows strategic objective, the promotion of an inter-institutional working relationship and cooperation with civil society at a regional, local and at the union European level.

To promote actions for cooperation, involving national and European authorities, Barcelos CIED enhances and strengthens the multiplication of information.

The multiplier effect of the activities developed by CIED Barcelos is understood as the ability to reach a large number of citizens and to promote cooperation between different institutions in the dissemination of information and / or promotion of different events.

Informative activity the CIED Barcelos effects aims to reach a heterogeneous audience of several socio / economic and cultural levels, which translates in the various forms of organized civil society in its area of ​​intervention.

It has been and will continue to promoted to establish protocols with the local and regional media, in order to promote the dissemination of European information and the establishment of cooperation protocols for the creation of European information Antennas with quality entities recognized in the region and diverse areas.


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