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Citizen Support

Wednesday , 20 February 2013

Citizen Support

Barcelos Europe Direct Information Centre (hereunder referred to CIED Barcelos) is a support citizens, in general, service, as regards the European information field.

It provides a range of services and activities in order to allow the European citizen of general application information, guidance, assistance and answers to questions about legislation, policies and programs.

The CIED Barcelos target audience are all citizens of their intervention area but to be more easily reachable to the "Citizens in General", it seeks to establish contacts with the "actors" identified below:

  • Companies, Cooperatives and Business Associations Responsibles;
  • Parish Councils Responsibles;
  • Local Authorities Responsibles and their technical offices;
  • Responsibles for Associations of cultural, recreational, youth, among others;
  • Schools Responsibles (in all existing educational levels) and their services;
  • Responsibles for the Media (written and audiovisual press);
  • Responsible Libraries;
  • Others... .

  • Monday , 10 September 2018

  • Friday , 7 September 2018

  • Tuesday , 8 May 2018

  • Sunday , 26 February 2017

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