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Europe Direct Network

Wednesday , 20 February 2013

Europe Direct Network

Given the invitation promoted by the European Commission in 2004 to present proposals of European Information Centres, the Europe Direct Centres Network emerged.
The host structures selected in height for accommodating a Europe Direct Centre had operating the Centers for four years - the period between 2005 and 2008.
In order to continue the information work of this network in July 2008 and in July 2012, new calls have been launched by the European Commission for the submission of applications for the selection of EUROPE DIRECT centers of care facilities, for 2009-2012 period and the period of 2013-2017, respectively.

The Europe Direct Information Centres network is one of the main instruments that the European Union has to inform European citizens about the European Union, particularly on the rights of EU citizens and the priorities of the European Union (particularly the strategy for Europa 2020) growth, and promote participatory citizenship at local and regional level.

The overall objective of this network is that citizens have easy access to information and the opportunity to make known and exchange their views in all EU activity areas and in particular in those with an impact the daily life of people.

The centers have a two-pronged mission:

  • To inform European citizens at a local and regional level. The Centers are a key partner in the 'one stop shop' concept as the first entry point in the EU to citizens, providing information on the European Union, referring them to the 'Your Europe' portal or to specialized information sources and other services and networks. Provide information, advice and assistance and give replies back about the European Union, and in particular on the EU citizens rights, the priorities of the European Union (particularly the growth strategy Europe 2020), its legislation, policies, programs and funding opportunities.
  • To promote na active citizenship through various communication tools (publications, website, social media, etc.) and interaction with local and regional stakeholders, multipliers and media. Stimulate debate through the organization of conferences and events and channel citizens' reactions back to the European Union.

Basic Information Services
The Europe Direct Information Centres provides a customized local service to local and regional needs to enable the public to obtain information, advice, assistance and replies about the European Union, and in particular on the EU citizens rights, the priorities of the European Union (particularly the growth strategy Europe 2020), its legislation, policies, programs and funding opportunities. In that sense, they provide the general public with the following services:

- Provide the public:

  • The facilities clearly marked with the logo Europe Direct, with receiving visitors areas, provide documentation, reading materials, access to at least one computer connected to the Internet, conduct meetings;Instalações devidamente assinaladas com o logótipo Europe Direct, com zonas para receber visitantes, disponibilizar documentação, material de leitura, acesso a, pelo menos, um computador com ligação à Internet, realizar reuniões;
  • The phone support service for electronic and direct mail;
  • Access to information materials provided by the European institutions;
  • The specific Web page with basic information on the services offered by CIED.

- Public awareness:

  • Access to one-stop shop: Europe Direct Network, Europe Direct Contact Centre (CCED) and Your Europe portal;
  • Access to the "Your Europe" portal (EU website), online social media of the European Union and other sources of information to which the CIED have free access;
  • Access to other information networks and contact points within the European institutions.

- Support the work of the European Commission local level by:

the communication with the European Commission Representation and support this organization in its outreach activities at regional and local level;

- Participating in meetings and training courses organized by the Commission (Representation and headquarters in Brussels);

- Supporting the organization and promotion of local and regional events, organized by the Representation of the European Commission and the Information Offices of the European Parliament;

- the monthly Provision of information about the CIED activities of Barcelos, including information on the main concerns of citizens and regional media coverage / local issues of the European Union.

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