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Wednesday , 20 February 2013


The open space of the Europe Direct Information Centre of Barcelos (hereunder referred to CIED Barcelos) is headquartered in the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave campus, Praxis XXI building.

Citizens may also contact us through the following addresses:

Centro de Informação Europe Direct de Barcelos
Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
Campus do IPCA - Lugar do Aldão
4750-810 Vila Frescainha S. Martinho

General Contacts
Telefone: (+ 351) 253 802 201

The implementation of Barcelos CIED project was identified by IPCA, a work team that, in operational terms, annually implements a defined action plan. The team is coordinated by Alzira Costa and by a technical, Mário Ferreira:

Alzira Costa - Coordinator in Managing and Implementing the project
Telefone: 253 802 201

Mário Ferreira - Technical in the center
Telefone: 253 802 201

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