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Wednesday , 20 February 2013


The Europe Direct Information Centres are European informative services, directed to the general public that, acting at a local and regional level, operate as intermediaries between European citizens and the European Union.

As a whole they are assigned to the Europe Direct Information Centres Network, consolidating on the main instruments that the European institutions have to inform European citizens about the European Union. In particular, citizens' rights and priorities of the European Union are the main areas of intervention in order to promote a more participatory citizenship and participation at a local and regional level.

The Information Centre Europe Direct Barcelos (hereunder referred to CIED Barcelos) is one of the selected centers towards the application submitted by IPCA, in resply to the invitation issued by the General Directorate of the European Commission Communication through its Representation in Portugal (Representation the European Commission in Portugal).

The main objective of CIED Barcelos is to enable citizens to have easy access to information and the opportunity to publicize, and exchange, their points of view in all EU activity areas, in particular, in those which have impact in their daily lives.

In its facilities, headquartered on the campus of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) in Barcelos, citizens can access information and European documentation through the media or by electronic means provided for this purpose, as well as make use of personalized technical support on European issues.


Overall goal and mission
The CIED Barcelos is established as an outpost of all the EU institutions and cooperates with other information active partners at a national and regional level. Aims to strengthening the European Union's ability to communicate through increased synergies and coordination with other EU information and assistance networks covering specific policy areas.

Its mission is two-pronged, once it informs European citizens at a local and regional level and to promote participatory citizenship through various communication tools (publications, website, social networking, social media, etc.) and interaction with local and regional stakeholders, multipliers and media.

Provides information, advice and assistance and answers to questions posed by the citizens of their intervention area, notably on the rights of EU citizens, the priorities of the European Union (the growth strategy - Europe 2020, among others), its laws, policies, programs and funding opportunities.


Information Services
The CIED Barcelos, in order to achieve the identified global objective, provides, to citizens of its intervention area, a set of information services, such as:

  • an open space to the public based on the host structure, properly identified and easily accessible, with an area to receive visitors, racking to provide documentation, reading material. Customer Service will be provided to visit the space of the Center, as well as telephone contact service and email;
  • free access to information materials on European issues, provided by the European institutions;
  • free access to a computer with an Internet connection;
  • specific web page of the Centre with information on European issues, as well as the services offered by the center itself.

Besides these information services, add the promotion, the use and the public awareness of the existence of:

  • Single Desk, Network Europe Direct Contact Centre Europe Direct (CCED), EurLex Portal and "Your Europe";
  • internet sites, especially the site "Europe", the digital social media of the European Union and other sources of information that CIED's have free access;
  • other information networks and contact points of the European institutions.



  • Personalized technical support, available in the open space to the public, to answer to questions posed by the general public; in supporting European consultation documentation (paper and electronic), as well as in supporting the consultation of European databases;
  • Development and dissemination of informational materials as European newsletter and other of diversified nature;
  • Organization / co-organized and participating in informative actions targeting a specific audience, local or regional, or broader public. By developing activities, Barcelos CIED will seek to meet: public and private institutions, business organizations; cooperatives and associations of various kinds; primary and secondary education network; other higher education institutions; local and regional media; municipalities and administrative units seen as the driving forces of knowledge and innovation, as well as citizens in general;
  • Establishing partnerships with diverse nature entities, with the aim of improving the dissemination of European information in the intervention area.


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